April 17, 2009

memories... light the corner of my mind

This afternoon, I have been working on some of those boring tasks that you put at the bottom of the to-do list. Always a great way to spend a Friday afternoon. Keeps me out of trouble at least.

While working on these mundane tasks, I need to listen to music to keep me going. There is an album that I haven't listened to in pretty much forever: Plain White Tee's, Every Second Counts. The funny thing about it is that I cannot listen to this album without thinking about what was going on in my life at the time , and how different things are now- how much I learned about myself, etc. And that was just two years ago.

I have that kind of connection to music. I can't hear Johnny Mathis without smiling, imagining my Grandma singing incredibly off key but with all her heart. Can't hear "Drops of Jupiter" without thinking of sorority recruitment in college , and how much I loved all those girls. I hear "Don't Worry Be Happy," and think of the 1st grade field trip to the petroglyphs - my mom was a chaperon and drove us in the new van.

Sometimes I wonder what other people think of when they hear certain songs. Feel free to comment with any of your personal faves.


steph said...

i certainly have the same connection with music... and i like the plain white ts.

i had a dream about you last night. we were at dinner with a few other kids from h.s.

melissa said...

Whenever I hear "Rock Your Body" or "Hot in Herre", I just don't hear the same lyrics as the rest of the world! Then I think of all you lovely ladies!

Marissa said...

steph- would love to hear about that dream. :)

melissa- sigmas are winners, so ladies you can't lose.... ;)