May 5, 2010

Idol Recap- Somebody Swims With the Fishes

These cheesy lip synched openings are awful. The only thing that is worse are these stupid commercials. You can just ignore the first 11 minutes.

What a nice little package to show what Tuesdays are like for the contestants both before the show, and now that they are celebrities. Crystals baby is weird looking. Funny that they have fake judges for the rehearsal. I want that job. Are they hiring? I can do a really good Kara impression.

Big Mike is totally chill, Crystal too. WHY DO WE TRY TO TALK TO THEM TONIGHT?? WHY NOT JUST CUT THIS SHOW TO HALF AN HOUR?!?!? Lee is safe, duh. And we go to commercial.

Tonight's performance is Gaga. Seacrest says she is singing "Alejandro," which to me sounds like a song from Ace of Base. Bitch is crazy, but her body is banging. Her dancers are wearing weird50's style bathing suit bottom things. It is a weird mix of singing live and lip synching. The weird Jesus Angel on stage makes me uncomfortable.

Thank you Harry Connick for making this episode bearable. I want to hang out with him. A lovely montage of all his little jokes. Including telling Mike to stop talking about the baby, telling Aaron to stop with the smile, and having a staring contest with Lee. What a catch. So- where do I buy this album legally? He makes me feel all warm and mushy.

Top 5 sing Harry songs!!! :) They should put some Christmas songs in this mix. :D Aaron just blends into the stage. It's time to go, kiddo. Big Mike is singing sex. That is the only way to describe it. Then Harry tells a story about how he sang for Sinatra, messed up the words, and Sinatra kissed Harry's wife (then gf). Ha.

Oh yeah, this is a results show. Don't worry about letting the band take a seat. They can just hang out on the stage. Crystal is sent by the piano. Big Mike stands on the opposite side. Aaron joins Big Mike. Casey obviously joins Crystal. Ryan asks Lee to choose who is the bottom two, and Lee goes #2. Mike and Aaron are bottom two. Mikey there again. Bet the judges are real glad they saved him.

There is justice in the world, and Aaron Kellly goes home about three weeks later than he should have. Hope you enjoy your prom, buddy. I'm sure you won't have a problem getting a date.

May 4, 2010

Idol Recap- Call Me Irresponsible

For some reason, Sir Anthony Hopkins is in the audience. I think I remember him there once last year too. Weird.

Tonight is Sinatra night, and Harry Connick Jr is the mentor. He is looking good in his suit, too. Harry has brought members of his band with him, and he has helped to work on some arrangements. At least, that's what I think I heard.

Sinatra's two daughters are there, and give Simon a monogrammed hankie that belonged to Frankie. Whoa, Harry is giving legit feedback, and telling him what notes to hold when. He is singing "Fly Me to the Moon," and I want him to fly home, because his time has come. Randy rambles. Ellen jokes that the piano is pitchy. Ha. They have new coke cups this week. They are very 80's. Kara blah blah blah. Simon didn' t think he was cool enough, but he tries hard. Oh- tonight starts the 2 numbers business.

Awkward Stool Time with Casey. He was telling a funny story- but I didn't care enough to rewind. He is singing "Blue Skies," and Harry said that this song wasn't about the lyrics, but the vibe. ROUGH start. And it continues. I don't like it at all. Randy says it was pitchy all the way through. Casey looks Hiiiiiiiiigh. Ellen digs at Harry again. One more time, and it's too much. Kara said he sounded like a lamb, and a cougar in the audience loses her shit. Simon says he seemed awkward. Harry says that it was better in the rehearsal, and it is hard to hear on the stage, so that is probably playing a part. Good call- they are used to lame back ups, not a real orchestra.

Why do we need a commercial in between each performance? This is really quite ridiculous. Crystal is singing "Summer Wind," and has a connection that she is hiding. Because she is so mysterious. Oh Lordie! She has a tacky sun tattoo thing across her entire back. Wait. Is it a daisy? Or a sunflower? Either way, it's too much. Harry Connick is such a stud. Randy said it was sleepy. Is everyone red tonight, or is it just boyf's tv? Looks like Bowersox was by the pool. Kara liked her phrasing. Simon loves the song, but said it felt indulgent. She needs to shut her mouth with the backtalking.

Big Mike gets some awkward stool time. He is singing "The Way You Look Tonight." He goes for the more upbeat version. Which I don't like as much. Tony Bennet does my favorite version. Big Mike looks all watery eye high today too. Did they do a pool scene or something? What the hell?
Randy yells, so that means he likes it. Blah blah. I am so over Big Mike. Simon loves the performance too. I am sad that this is the last season I get to watch. Wish there was bigger talent.

Lee is up, and Harry shares that his wife thinks he is cute. Harry is such a ham. I love him. Lee is singing "That's Life," which is a great song for this season's regular guy. Too bad I can barely understand a word he is saying. Haha, Ellen says she was distracted by Harry's organ. LOLZ. The judges love it mucho.

Apparently the have Gaga tomorrow? Odd pairing.