September 8, 2009

More to Love- Goes Hawaiian

Alright, I am going BRIEF on this.

- They arrive and have an awkward Luau dance. All the girls share their insecurities with the camera.

-Individual date with Malissa. He loves their physical connection, but wonders about her level of commitment. They play with seals, and have a heart to heart picnic. She gives him some bullshit that she just wants to spend time with him, it doesn't matter what they do. They have a dinner date, and she is SO scripted. He wants honesty. Ha! She gets REALLY defensive when he says that he isn't her normal type. He thinks she is gonna break his heart, and he is totally right. She just wants to win. AND she agrees to have dessert at HIS place. Vomit. Are moaning noises really necessary?

-Now his one on one with Tali. They go sailing, as she is freaked out... even though she is in the Navy. She then freaks out bc he had planned to go snorkeling. Because being in the water is her biggest fear. But she goes in, bc love heals all. Gross. I really want some cake. I have been craving cake for a few weeks. Chocolate with whipped cream frosting sounds good. Sweet sappy dinner, and they are in love. HE asks if they can go to his room and snuggle. :) Haha, she is totally giddy. They're cute. Officially. and get in the hot tub.....

-Mandy;s turn. Apparently she is at the top of is list, but is the most guarded. They have a date where they eat fruit, and she bitches about him dating other girls. Then they get in the limp and go to dinner on a boat. He asks her if she could see herself being married to him, and of course she says "yeah." And then they eat each others faces in a kiss. She says "can you see it?" and he answers yes. And then they make out, and he asks her to stay the night on the boat with him to watch the stars. Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

After the commercial he will have to make his "toughest decision yet."

I ignored the bs conversation they have every week. The two left go to meet his family. Tali- good. I like them. Malissa is sweating. I don't believe a thing she says. But he chooses her anyway.
Do we really need Emme as a host? Mandy is crying. He feels terrible. She won't even look at him. She cries in the limo. She thought he was the one.

If he picks Malissa next week, he deserves the shit he gets.