March 11, 2010

Idol Recap- Cutting to the Top 12

I am moderately excited to find out who the top 12 are tonight. Basically, because I don't have a lot going on right now.

These group sings are so painful. They go against everything the judges ask for, and are totally karaoke. But, America, you bastards buy concert tickets to see these songs performed live. So you are only encouraging this. You should be ashamed.

There are some TERRIBLE outfits going on right now. The choreography is so 5th grade talent show. I can't believe someone gets paid for this. The dancing was better when they had that blind guy that they had to assign someone to so he didn't fall off the stage. Is her performing tonight, btw? I thought I may have heard that. But, to be honest, I forget most of their names this far after their original season.

So- the rest of the show I watched whilst gossiping on the phone. Lots of crying- not from me- from the losers that got booted off, and the ones that were left behind. It'll be ok, it's just reality tv. Was the witch dating mullet boy? It seemed realllllly weird that she was crying so hard.

The curly haired blonde chick and Gandolf the Grey got booted. I am a little surprised by Gandolf, to be honest- but oh well.

Mullet guy and Todrick the jerk got booted. I would not be able to watch if that twizzlestick was still around. And mullet kid---- that is what did you in. Your performance was way better that the 16YO, but your hair is stupid. America cares about that, and mullets are only used for joking, and creepy Minnesota Vikings. Was the witch dating mullet boy? It seemed realllllly weird that she was crying so hard.

I totally missed the performance from past Idol contestants... was it any good?

Smell ya later.

March 10, 2010

Idol Recap- Guys Do It All The Time

Sorry I didn't blog last night, I was taking a breather after learning I was no longer employed. No need for a pity party- things will be fine. :) Fortunately, I have plenty of wonderful friends and family that are offering help and support.

My thoughts on last night--- meh. I enjoyed the shorter show, but it really seemed to be lacking in excitement. We may have the most boring top 12 in history this year. Instead of the cream of the crop, I feel like we might be getting the shiniest turds. It reminds me of the Year of Sanjaya. Looking at tonight, with the less dynamic batch of dudes, I am less than excited. Just glad that self righteous asshole got eliminated last week. :)

Haven't we had enough of this "ladies cuddling up to Simon" bit.

Lee Dewyze, "10,000 Fireflies"- the "Everyman" is making this song his own, alright. And it is no bueno. Randy said it was pitchy, but he made it work. Ellen likes that it is rock. Kara said that he made it a better song, blah blah blah. Simon says there is nothing to rave about. Thank goodness one of the judges is on it.

Alex Lambert- "Trouble"- I swear someone told him to sing this... and it is a good idea. It looks like he has gained some confidence- now he has to ditch the mullet... I am watching this with my tough Marine sister, who is concerned with his mullet as well. Randy didn't like it, because he is negative nancy this year, and I don't remember what the rest said. Ellen mentioned the banana again.

Tim Urban- "Hallelujah"- Sister says "he better not ruin this song." It is ok. I have never really liked this song personally, but I didn't feel one way or another about it. Randy hated it. Ellen had to get up and hug him. And it was really weird. Kara loved it, because she was really feeling it. Simon loved it. Tim talks about how he is grateful for all the judge's constructive criticism.

Andrew Garcia- "Genie in a Bottle"- Ha, love this. Sister is laughing. Said "Jack Osbourne called, he wants his look back. " Good call sister. I like this dude's voice. Randy said it didn't quite work for him, it was pitchy, had no range, blah blah blah. Ellen liked it, but thinks the "genie came out of the bottle a little too late." Kara talked about him peaking too early. Wonder if that is a regular problem. (wink wink) Simon thought it was "desperate," and "over-thought." Which it was. Because the judges have basically been talking about how he should be going back to what they loved.

Casey James- " You'll Think of Me" - I dig this dude's voice. I am sure the judges are going to say they didn't feel enough emotion. Randy said it was safe. Ellen loved it. Kara says it is better than last week, but it is missing that spark. Simon is meh. Said it was sincere but no something they will be remembering.

Aaron Kelly- "I'm Already There"- Of course. Ugh. Terrible. very shaky. And can we have a moment about believability? What life experience does this 16 YO have regarding being away from his kid? And it is rough. And Pitchy. Yes, with a capital P. Randy is an idiot. Ellen said it was a little too much song for him. Excellent. Kara brings up the fact that it is not relevant to his life. Simon says that is rubbish. Wow. Simon says it is the right type of song, but not a great vocal. And points out that they can't keep putting people down different paths, because they are all getting confused.

Todrick Hall- "Somebody to Love"- Of COURSE he is singing/ruining a Queen song. This guy makes me mental. OF COURSE Randy likes it. Ugh, todirck's mom is waring a shirt with his name on it. Lame. Ellen thought it was kinda gospel, in a good way. Kara said it was good singing, but it was SO DRAMATIC. Simon said it was good in parts, and tonight he has learned that it is helping him to learn about him as an artist.

Michael Lynche- "This Woman's Work"- To be honest, I missed most of the performance, but it sounded good. Randy is shitting his pants. Ellen is geeking out, and calls him the one to beat. Kara cried, and it was so PUT ON. And my sister is dying of laughter. Simon hugs Kara, and says it was so needed tonight, because he 100% nailed it. Best performance of all the live shows.

Smell ya later.