April 17, 2009

memories... light the corner of my mind

This afternoon, I have been working on some of those boring tasks that you put at the bottom of the to-do list. Always a great way to spend a Friday afternoon. Keeps me out of trouble at least.

While working on these mundane tasks, I need to listen to music to keep me going. There is an album that I haven't listened to in pretty much forever: Plain White Tee's, Every Second Counts. The funny thing about it is that I cannot listen to this album without thinking about what was going on in my life at the time , and how different things are now- how much I learned about myself, etc. And that was just two years ago.

I have that kind of connection to music. I can't hear Johnny Mathis without smiling, imagining my Grandma singing incredibly off key but with all her heart. Can't hear "Drops of Jupiter" without thinking of sorority recruitment in college , and how much I loved all those girls. I hear "Don't Worry Be Happy," and think of the 1st grade field trip to the petroglyphs - my mom was a chaperon and drove us in the new van.

Sometimes I wonder what other people think of when they hear certain songs. Feel free to comment with any of your personal faves.

April 15, 2009

safe! ( to be read as if you are an umpire)

So- I have already accomplished a LOT. Worked, made awesome fajitas, watched a kinda weird Robert De Niro movie, and bribed the boyf with a hot brownie and ice cream so I can watch Idol.

These intros are SO dramatic. And they just get crazier every week. Randy is really obsessed with sweaters this season. Kara's hair is wild. Joey says "I'd Bang Paula tonight." That means her boobs are out. Simon is devilishly handsome. These Ford commercials are so re-dick.

So, now that the blind guy is out we can have more complicated dance routines... so now we have "Maniac"... and the cute Kris starts us off. Anoop almost fell off the stairs, and I love it. What the hell kind of jacket is Anoop wearing?!?! It reminds me of my 8th grade white "Rocking Rhythmics Dancing Drill Team" jacket. If I had a picture- I would link it. Because it was awesome, and I wore the SHIT out of it.

I really hate this section when they have all the idols on a bench- and then they chit chat about random crap. They went to the movie premiere of 17 again though.. SO I get to see Zach Effron. And he will be talking like Matthew Perry- so it will be great. AND ZACH IS THERE. And I am a fan girl.

Here we go. Allison- safe. Adam- looks uncomfortable. And is safe. Anoop- bottom three. And Ryan walks him across! Where was he last week to help out Scott?!

I don't get the big deal with Jennifer Hudson. And just got in a huge debate about it with the roomie and the boyf. Didn't know they had such strong feelings. Geez. She needs an interview class.

Anoop on a stool. Kris- Lil stand up. OMG- Simon interrupted and called Kris brilliant. I want to hang out with both of them. I love Ryan's loaded question to Lil. She is so dumb. And in the bottom.

Matt and the waste of space. Blah Blah. Danny is safe. America: you are schmucks.

Paula says that there were flaws in their performances and that is why they are up there. Really? WOW. Deep, Paula. She is high. Ugh. Anoop is safe. Boo.

It's MILEY! She is taking this seriously. Hair in an updo- evening gown- fog machine... nasal singing. I think she is scared of Simon. She should be. He isn't as nice as the guys from Radiohead .

This episode really sucks.

I think these Vitamin Water commercials about animals working in an office are wonderful. I wish I could work with a bear. The boyf and I discuss the radness of that, at length.

The boyf just goes.... "Wait. Her name is LIL?" with disgust. I just laugh. She is safe.

Now Justin Timberlake guy sings for his life. I almost forgot... I was like- wait, it is 8:54, how are we done? He does it way better tonight. The audience is chanting "Save Save Save Save!" I am feeling a Donna Martin graduates aura.

So, Simon is such an ass. He says that Matt can't win this competition, balh blah. Matt looks punched in the stomach. Kara starts babbling. Simon says he is saved. Thank God. Not because I want Matt around, per se. I really just wanted this thing to be off the table. Next week- two are axed. AND it is disco. Rad.

April 14, 2009

can we just end on time once ?

Holy fucking shit. Quinten Tarantino is on tonight. The theme this week is songs from a movie. Let's hope someone does My Heart Will Go On. My bet is on that one chick that always sings stuff from the 90's.
Judge intros- Randy looks stupid. Kara's hair is bad. Paula is wearing an evening gown, Simon blames the girls for running over last week. Totally true.

So, in case you didn't know who Quentin Tarantino was, here is a montage. I hope that the edgy kid redoes Stuck in the Middle With You, complete with one bloody ear. Wait, that's right. He did this in Season three, a.k.a. the year I didn't really watch. He is a fan.

Allison- "I Don't Want to Miss A Thing." It kills me that this is Aerosmith's only number one single , because this song is stupid. What is that outfit? Are those stirrup pants? She is lucky she has a killer voice, because her outfits are terrible. Apparently they are being serious, and only letting two judges talk. Really doesn't matter, since Randy just says whatever Simon does, unless he goes first- and then he just uses "dawg" a lot, and talks about his level of "feeling it."

Anoop, the prick- is singing "Everything I Do, I Do It For You." Quentin is not impressed, and tells him not pump it up a notch, and not deliver a lame karaoke performance. Apparently he choses not to listen to Tarantino- yeah, that is always a good move. NOT. So, in fifth grade, we had to do this lame teacher thank you assembly for our team teachers and we had to sing this song. I never really got it. Because yeah, we did stuff for our teachers- but because we had no choice. Or maybe they did everything for us- I don't know- the mom that picked it was really inspired. We just wanted to pass fifth grade and get to middle school. Randy and Kara like it, but they are dumb.

Adam- He is doing Born to Be Wild- and apparently only gave Quentin a sneak peek. It is kind of a Billy Idolesque turn..... Not really taking liberties with the melody. Maybe he is bored. Well, he rocked the chorus a little... This is really just a rock song that the little girls will like. That is who dials anyway, and the grown-ups that watch this for legitimate purposes need to remember that. Yeah, you don't get Adam. But your niece does. And she is a text machine. And if you are an adult watching this show with a legitimate interest in artistry, you are lame. There- I said it.
Paula needs to change her panties- Simon calls it a little Rocky Horror - and Adam loves Rocky Horror ! Find that hard to believe. Ha. Also-in case you don't click through on the links- I insert funny, yet relevant pictures. So click.

Justin Timberlake guy is on Stool Time with Ryan. I don't know what he is saying because I am too busy telling the roomie about a horrible dream I had last night- So Quentin tells him to enunciate. Thank God. This man is a genius. Do we really have another Brian Adams song? Granted, "When You Love a Woman" is leaps and bounds better- oh God this is pitchy. Ugh. Well, at least Bryan Adams can make a little money in royalties and get some more microdermabrasion .

I have a date planned with my littlest sister to go see "17 Again." I hope she doesn't ditch me for her friends, because I really don't want to use one of my 'girl movie vouchers' that the boyf gave me for Christmas on that.

Danny Gokey- "Stool Time With Ryan" tells us that Gokey bought a guitar. He is such a poser. HAHAHA. "Endless LOVE." Did you know that he has a dead wife that is his endless love?!?! Fucking shit you stupid tool. I hate you .

I am in love with Kris. Officially. I don't know that song, because someone was talking... but it was great. Randy is worthless.

Lil is singing "The Rose." A big ballad from a power singer popular 15 years ago. Surprise! My father taught me a valuable lesson many years ago. "Marissa, there are people that get it, and people that don't. If they don't get it, they never will- and nothing you can do can force them to get it. " Very valuable lesson to learn. I am glad I found out early. It is helpful in choosing work and friend partners,etc. Helps with my frustration levels. Lil doesn't get it. She is so dated. It cracks me up that Paula is getting semi- legitimate criticism and talking about chords, and blah blah. Thank you Simon for calling her out again... And she gets defensive and says she put an R & B feel to it. Which is not true. AND fucking Paula quoting Dr.Suess . I want to stab her. Paula- we are running over- you had your chance- STFU.

I am irritated this week- and I hope tomorrow we can finally use that stupid judges save billshit, so we can stop hearing about it.

single ladies, all the single ladies

So, there are times when it is really enjoyable to be a single (tax definition- unmarried) lady in her mid twenties. Last night was one of those times. After a great off-site meeting, I stopped by Albertson's. Not my normal shopping place, but it was on the way home. Got some great deals, including a new bottle of wine to try. It had the name Three Blind Moose , and was on major sale- so why the hell not? After rearranging my grocery bags in the parking lot (apparently Marcus has never actually bought his own groceries, and did not realize that throwing a few boxes on top of a package of chicken could lead to a disastrous situation) I got home and was suddenly motivated to clean out the fridge and cupboards. Then, since roomie was at her gym/dinner date with her mom- I made tuna. One of my favorites, but makes the roomie sick. I watched HIMYM , since I have given up on Dancing With the Stars . And then popped open my bottle of wine and started a new book . It was great. No babies asking for crap. No husbands trying to watch something lame on ESPN Classic (I love sports but I cannot understand that station). Just me, some vino and a book. Rad.

April 12, 2009

I Miss Angela Chase

One of my favorite shows in the history of the world is My So-Called Life. If you never saw it, consider your life less fulfilled. Okay, maybe that is extreme. I just don't think there has ever been a show that has better expressed what it is really like to be a teenage girl. Even as an adult, I pull out my dvd set every once in awhile and find relevance. It was an edgy family drama before the world was ready for family dramas. And, it had Jordan Catalano, the troubled, brooding, handsome and mysterious dreamboat played by Jared Leto, pre-eyeliner . Sigh.... any how- I am reminded of it today, as I thought about one of the best lines ever on that show: "there's just something about Sundays that make you want to kill yourself." Angela, the lead character, was putting off studying for geometry because she was all smitten with Jordan Catalano. When she said that, and I feel her pain.

Sundays are never long enough... and at the end of the day, there is just this impending doom, with the next week beginning in just a few hours. What made me extra pouty this Sunday is that the boyf had to leave to go home to prepare for a big day at work tomorrow. He doesn't do mornings well, and he has to be in early for this big client. I get it, because I don't really want to force him out of bed at 5 am tomorrow to get back home, but it doesn't mean it doesn't suck. :( This is when I give a cheers to those who can do the long-distance, because 25 miles is sometimes tough. Boo.

But, on the plus side, I had some good ham and spent some quality time with the family. If you haven't ever played it, I highly suggest you pick up the game Apples to Apples . I have had a good time no matter who I have played it with. AND- even though he hates that I win all the time, the boyf almost always picks my card out of the pile. It is because we are psychically connected- he just can't help it. I, on the other hand get really competitive- and I purposely don't pick what I know is his card if he is beating me. I take games seriously. :D

Well, off I go to read one of three books... not sure yet. BTW- I typed this whole blog while sitting on the toilet. Sorry, had to make up for some of the girliness earlier.