April 15, 2009

safe! ( to be read as if you are an umpire)

So- I have already accomplished a LOT. Worked, made awesome fajitas, watched a kinda weird Robert De Niro movie, and bribed the boyf with a hot brownie and ice cream so I can watch Idol.

These intros are SO dramatic. And they just get crazier every week. Randy is really obsessed with sweaters this season. Kara's hair is wild. Joey says "I'd Bang Paula tonight." That means her boobs are out. Simon is devilishly handsome. These Ford commercials are so re-dick.

So, now that the blind guy is out we can have more complicated dance routines... so now we have "Maniac"... and the cute Kris starts us off. Anoop almost fell off the stairs, and I love it. What the hell kind of jacket is Anoop wearing?!?! It reminds me of my 8th grade white "Rocking Rhythmics Dancing Drill Team" jacket. If I had a picture- I would link it. Because it was awesome, and I wore the SHIT out of it.

I really hate this section when they have all the idols on a bench- and then they chit chat about random crap. They went to the movie premiere of 17 again though.. SO I get to see Zach Effron. And he will be talking like Matthew Perry- so it will be great. AND ZACH IS THERE. And I am a fan girl.

Here we go. Allison- safe. Adam- looks uncomfortable. And is safe. Anoop- bottom three. And Ryan walks him across! Where was he last week to help out Scott?!

I don't get the big deal with Jennifer Hudson. And just got in a huge debate about it with the roomie and the boyf. Didn't know they had such strong feelings. Geez. She needs an interview class.

Anoop on a stool. Kris- Lil stand up. OMG- Simon interrupted and called Kris brilliant. I want to hang out with both of them. I love Ryan's loaded question to Lil. She is so dumb. And in the bottom.

Matt and the waste of space. Blah Blah. Danny is safe. America: you are schmucks.

Paula says that there were flaws in their performances and that is why they are up there. Really? WOW. Deep, Paula. She is high. Ugh. Anoop is safe. Boo.

It's MILEY! She is taking this seriously. Hair in an updo- evening gown- fog machine... nasal singing. I think she is scared of Simon. She should be. He isn't as nice as the guys from Radiohead .

This episode really sucks.

I think these Vitamin Water commercials about animals working in an office are wonderful. I wish I could work with a bear. The boyf and I discuss the radness of that, at length.

The boyf just goes.... "Wait. Her name is LIL?" with disgust. I just laugh. She is safe.

Now Justin Timberlake guy sings for his life. I almost forgot... I was like- wait, it is 8:54, how are we done? He does it way better tonight. The audience is chanting "Save Save Save Save!" I am feeling a Donna Martin graduates aura.

So, Simon is such an ass. He says that Matt can't win this competition, balh blah. Matt looks punched in the stomach. Kara starts babbling. Simon says he is saved. Thank God. Not because I want Matt around, per se. I really just wanted this thing to be off the table. Next week- two are axed. AND it is disco. Rad.

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