April 14, 2009

single ladies, all the single ladies

So, there are times when it is really enjoyable to be a single (tax definition- unmarried) lady in her mid twenties. Last night was one of those times. After a great off-site meeting, I stopped by Albertson's. Not my normal shopping place, but it was on the way home. Got some great deals, including a new bottle of wine to try. It had the name Three Blind Moose , and was on major sale- so why the hell not? After rearranging my grocery bags in the parking lot (apparently Marcus has never actually bought his own groceries, and did not realize that throwing a few boxes on top of a package of chicken could lead to a disastrous situation) I got home and was suddenly motivated to clean out the fridge and cupboards. Then, since roomie was at her gym/dinner date with her mom- I made tuna. One of my favorites, but makes the roomie sick. I watched HIMYM , since I have given up on Dancing With the Stars . And then popped open my bottle of wine and started a new book . It was great. No babies asking for crap. No husbands trying to watch something lame on ESPN Classic (I love sports but I cannot understand that station). Just me, some vino and a book. Rad.

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