April 12, 2009

I Miss Angela Chase

One of my favorite shows in the history of the world is My So-Called Life. If you never saw it, consider your life less fulfilled. Okay, maybe that is extreme. I just don't think there has ever been a show that has better expressed what it is really like to be a teenage girl. Even as an adult, I pull out my dvd set every once in awhile and find relevance. It was an edgy family drama before the world was ready for family dramas. And, it had Jordan Catalano, the troubled, brooding, handsome and mysterious dreamboat played by Jared Leto, pre-eyeliner . Sigh.... any how- I am reminded of it today, as I thought about one of the best lines ever on that show: "there's just something about Sundays that make you want to kill yourself." Angela, the lead character, was putting off studying for geometry because she was all smitten with Jordan Catalano. When she said that, and I feel her pain.

Sundays are never long enough... and at the end of the day, there is just this impending doom, with the next week beginning in just a few hours. What made me extra pouty this Sunday is that the boyf had to leave to go home to prepare for a big day at work tomorrow. He doesn't do mornings well, and he has to be in early for this big client. I get it, because I don't really want to force him out of bed at 5 am tomorrow to get back home, but it doesn't mean it doesn't suck. :( This is when I give a cheers to those who can do the long-distance, because 25 miles is sometimes tough. Boo.

But, on the plus side, I had some good ham and spent some quality time with the family. If you haven't ever played it, I highly suggest you pick up the game Apples to Apples . I have had a good time no matter who I have played it with. AND- even though he hates that I win all the time, the boyf almost always picks my card out of the pile. It is because we are psychically connected- he just can't help it. I, on the other hand get really competitive- and I purposely don't pick what I know is his card if he is beating me. I take games seriously. :D

Well, off I go to read one of three books... not sure yet. BTW- I typed this whole blog while sitting on the toilet. Sorry, had to make up for some of the girliness earlier.


Joey said...

Honey, I do apologize, but you hit the nail on the head im really not a morning person. I am for sure I will make it up for you :)

melissa said...

Sundays are painful. In the morning it's like "wow I have an entire day ahead of me" and the POOF it's Sunday evening and I am wondering the the hell my day went!

and I had a 3 day weekend. I should be refreshed and relaxed, but really I just feel sad that it is gone.