April 19, 2009

we've got a lot to cover here

I really need to be better about posting over the weekend, so that I can avoid one big one on Sunday night. But that would mean that I would have to slow down L-I-V-I-N.

In case you were wondering, 17 Again is wonderfully amazing. It is also the best old person turning young and learning a life lesson movie ever. Especially because it takes the hotness of Zac Efron, and the humor of Matthew Perry and creates my dream man. Sigh. Yes, I am 26. Get off it. :P

Added bonus: this kid at the movie theater totally looked like him. Having no shame, I totally snapped a picture:


On Saturday- I was opened to a whole new world- Guitar Hero. I know, most people have been exposed to this much earlier. I have no excuse. But- I want to let you know, that I am the best Bass player in the world . I play in the band Jock Strap and the Elastic Waistband... but since that doens't fit well on posters, we go by Jock Strap.

Watched Quarantine today. Totally creepy. Basically- this film crew is following some firemen and they end up at a random call in an apartment building. After finding a freaky old lady gone bonkers, all of the residents, the camera crew, the cops and firmen get locked into the building. Some crazy version of rabies is being spread. I watched Family Guy to try to make things better, but then had to go home to a dark and empty house... with a cat that may or may not have had rabies.

Just a little taste of the weekend. Gonna watch Tough Love before bed. When I wake up, it's Monday. Joy.

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steph said...

he DOES look a bit like efron! i need to see this flick!