April 10, 2009

my secret soul mate

At the stage I am at right now in life, friends are getting married, having babies, being grown ups. But, I wonder if any one of them has the life partner that I do. He cheers me up when I am bored, remembers little things that I like, and can always guess what I am thinking/needing. He even sends me emails once a week proving his love for me. Who is he, you ask? Well... he is Stumble Upon . I know I have told you about him before, but today- he really warmed my heart.

Here are some of the links he sent me that he thought I would like:

Pretzels AND Peanut Butter AND Chocolate

Babies are manic depressive

So, I am not married, back off!


Booze on sale!

Oh yeah, well I invented superman.

Seriously?!! I mean, what a KEEPER!

Granted, my super cool boyfriend was the one that taught me the ways of Stumble Upon, and frequently sends me similar links through G-chat... so... I guess I can keep him around too. ;)

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