April 7, 2009

another idol recap

I totally meant to blog another time before another idol post. But with book club, and a friends wedding and two friends in town, and the secret surprise today of a SINUS INFECTION, it just didn't happen. So, realize that I am more than just a loser that posts about idol.

Is it just my meds, or are the lights a little too much? We got rid of the lame judges intro in lieu of showing baby photos in honor of "songs from the year you were born" night. This night always sucks, because the judges expect the contestants to update a song that is at least 16 years old. And most just do a "lame karaoke version" and fail.

Danny Gokey is an ass clown. Wait, this song isn't about a dead wife. Is hair purple? So, it started off okay, and has now broken into a full on boat cruise lounge act . Did he not learn that is dancing is not his thing? Also- just because Paula is standing doesn't mean it is good. She has to dance the drugs out. Kara has nice hair.

So, tonight I am watching idol with the roomie for the first time in awhile. I need to tell her things about the contestants that she may have missed (like the dead wife-she knows scott is blind). And we are waiting for pizza that was supposed to be here like, 15 minutes ago. They probably are jerking off on it, because after we got the total for the medium pizza and realized that it was cheaper to get the large pizze and wings, we told them they were ridiculous and changed the order. But seriously, $23 for a medium pizza!? Horseshit. Add the drugs into this, and I am a little distracted.

Is Kris's voice deeper this week? He is really cool. AH! Because we are both gemini-cancers. Three days part, and a few years. I have a crush now, I think. He is very JC Chasez in this song. I am probably one of the few people that actually purchased his Schizophrenic album.I am not a fan of the crowd being so close. I am afraid they are gonna steal his wallet or something.

Thanks for clearing up the name thing, Lil. She does a Tina Tuner impression. And it is lame, and Paula is actually coherent, and tells her it was karaoke. They all hammer in the same thing, and it is torturous. I thought she was gonna cry.

I hear that Anoop is singing "True Colors" after the break, and I am contemplating turning the station. I hate him, and his pretension(is that a word), and his stupid bedroom eyes. I love that Ryan called him out on being an asshole. Well, he's a tarheel, so it makes sense. Haha.

This is awful. I used to pretend that i was Cindy Lauper, and dance in the living room to this album. He sucks.I LOVE simon's face during Paula's criticism. She DID say "you showed your true colors like a rainbow."

I think it is really lame that some people are using baby pictures, and others are not. Putting up a picture of you as an 11 year old doesn't really make sense, since you are only 16. I am talking to you, Allison.

So the blind guy has a birthday a few days before mine (plus a few years). It really sucks when you realize you are totally older than all the idol contestants. Does it concern anyone else that a blind guy wants to conduct a train? Wait. WTF. He is standing up with a guitar. Did he decide to steal the " guitar thing" because everyone stole the "piano thing" last week? It was awful. He sucked. It is time to stop, America. He is not the strongest singer, nor the strongest performer here. Thank you Simon, for calling out the fact that the guitar was totally disconnected from the song. Dammit. He missed his only opportunity to sing George Michael. I love that he said "I wanted to show that I was versatile before I went home." This kid knows that his time is up. Good thing.

Okay. This Bonnie Rait song "I Can't Make You Love Me" is one of my favorite songs in the world. And George Michael did a cover, and it was amazing. I think she is a little young for this song, and it shows in her phrasing. It is missing that PAIN and sadness. But she does have a great voice. I feel like my criticism is off this week. I am just too tired. I don't like her magenta hair. And the judges nutted all over her. Apparently I am just too critical.

I love this AT&T commercial. The song is great. Finally googled it.

Haha. Matt was a theater dork. "Part-Time Lover." A rarely covered Stevie song. Paula is a goober. She feels the beat of the rhythm of the night.I am not really sure how I feel about this performance. Well, the judges loved it. So I guess I did. What the hell with a 45 second judges recap? Oh, it is only an hour tonight. Had they not spent five minutes repeating the same thing they always do to Lil, they would be in time.

Haha, Adam has been effeminate since childhood. Love it. I love this song..... Can we just give him the award yet? Paula is in love. The lighting is a little extreme this week.

How do they run this far over? Is NO ONE watching the time? Tell Paula and Randy they don't need to talk, because whatever they have to say is irrelevant anyway. I mean, really. They know the timing on the pre-produced video montages, they know how long the songs run. So the only time that they don't have pinned down is the lame stool question sessions (eliminating these is my vote) and the judges response. Get a big fucking clock, and put it in front of them. Ugh.

All right, sorry for the kinda lame recap. I am gonna go to bed now.


TexasBrian said...

LOL... that was awesome. I wish someone would push Scott off the stage already.

Marissa said...

Well that's not good sportsmanship! ;)

Thanks for stopping by TexasBrian! I clicked through and saw we both have mad love for George Michael. There aren't enough of us in this world.