April 8, 2009

Maybe I will run into Scott in a coffee shop

So, I watch the show Lie to Me on Fox. I think it is a great way to pick up a few pointers in case someone tries to lie to me. The reason I bring this up is because, with ten minutes to go in the show, we got to see Seacrest in the control room, being counted in for his promo spot. Apparently this is their way of saying, "Hey, we effed up. We ran 8 minutes over and half of America missed the guy that is gonna win. Our bad, we will try to stay on top of it." Let's hope.

What is up with those gloves, Paula? I just remembered why I hate this recap show.... wait a minute. I was just about to bitch about some "Simon is old" montage, and then Frankie Avalon comes on stage. Paula and Kara are creaming their panties, as the contestants are surely saying "who is this old dude?" Wow. He is shorter than Ryan Seacrest.

Here we go with the group sing, in they year Idol was born (lame). Poor Scott. I think in big numbers like this, they need to give him the thing my mom latched on me in the mall when I was a toddler. It was two velcro wristbands connected by a bouncy cord. I feel like an asshole, but seriously. How is this going to work on tour, when they are on a different stage with a different layout every night? So, they are doing the group sing live tonight, prolly after a bunch of shit from the viewers, and I would like to say- bring it back. Please.

Now comes the part where they pretned like the Ford commercial is not a commercial, and part of the show. They take us behind the scenes. And Scott is hilarious. Not only does he joke with the stylist about not wanting anything pink (rewind to when Simon making fun of his pink pants ), and then he is killing time with a Simon impression. Rad. This guy is funny. If he had shown more of that, he would have had more of my heart. But he can't lipsynch worth a mother.

Apparently the mayor of the dumb town that the Justin Timberlake guy is from is in the crowd.

Let's get to the drama. Adam, Kris and Anoop, please stand. Let's give Adam some props, since we ran over last night... blah blah. Do Paula's earrings have the converse logo? Adam is safe. Duh. It is between Kris and ANoop for bottom three. It's Anoop, thank God. I finally pin pointed what he reminds me of. HE reminds me of that asshole in every political science lecture class I had in college that has to raise his hand and say something obvious so that he could let everyone know he was really smart. And then he ended up in your discussion class, and was even prickier, and your T.A. saw through it, and would roll his eyes, telling someone else to answer the question. And THEN some girl in your sorority would end up bringin him to your date party, and he would try to say hi, and pretend like he wasn't a total douche, when you knew better. Yeah, that's Anoop.

Okay. I hate FLO Rida. One reason is because of that stupid name. I can't remember what piece of shit song he was last famous for, but I asked my boyfriend who sang it via text message. He had to send two messages to clarify that while his name looked like a state, it was, in fact, a really fun play on words. My boyfriend is much more in tune with what the cool kids listen to. He did syndicated radio, so yeah. Another reason I don't like FLO Rida: he sucks. And this song is annoying, and I think it is about oral sex. I thought this was a family show. I had to lower the volume, because it was hurting my head. Things don't bode well for me though, because Kelly Pickler is up next.

I am feeling more on my game tonight. I guess that is what sleeping all day and some anti-biotics will do to you. ;)

Ugh, Danny Gokey. He is safe. Justin Timberlake guy is safe. Scott.... is not. Bottom three. and Ryan does a terrible job of man handling him across the stage. Terrible. They should practice that.

Allison.... Lil.... Allison is safe. Lil is bottom three, with reason. She should be a back up singer. She has no personalilty or stage presence. There, I said it.

I am not at all surprised by the bottom three. Now we talk about the "save." Apparently there is "one in particular" that they would contemplate saving. I don't think it is Scott. I am gonna say it is the one they have given about 28 minutes of criticism to over the passed few weeks. I am gonna say this.... you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it sing a modern song and make it their own.

Kelli Pickler sucks. And that song was terrible.

Now we send one person to saftey...Lil is safe. Duh. Her grandpa spazzes out in the audience.

Okay, now one will have to sing for his life.... 30,000 votes sepertate...Scott is bottom. He looks like such a lost puppy, I feel bad for him. His sister looks so sad. He is singing it out, and the judges are openly talking, realizing he isn;t watching them. Paula is gonna cry. Sad. His mom is crying. This is gonna be rough.

Two people think he should stay... let me guess who. Omg... this is so painful..... he is practically begging, .... and simon pulls the band-aid. Of course that Danny Gokey piece of shit is the first to hug him. Just trying to get that extra camera time.

Paula gets the last word.... sugary sweet. Well- at least he will get a hug from Kelli Pickler. He can totally grope her and not get in trouble. THAT is the card I would play.

Rad part about living in the same state as the voted off contestant? Immediate interview... here it comes... no. wait. another 20 minutes. boo. sorry scott, people are waiting to read this. gtg. ;)

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