March 31, 2009

Hi, I'm Marissa, and I am a TWD addict

I love places like Digg . And Stumble Upon. Basically because I can find interesting stories and links faster than my friends, with minimal effort, because someone has already done the research (Digg). As for Stumple Upon, I can find these things by hitting a buttton, and just having something pop into my face based on my pre-selected areas of interest : liberal politics, beer, satire, cooking, lolcats, etc. Then, I just have to hit "I Like It!" in my browser toolbar, and IT SAVES THE PAGE FOR ME. Try it. It is amazing. I gave you the link to my page, so that you can see all the lame shit that makes me happy. :)

THIS , I "digg" as well. If I actually created an account on Digg, I would give it a "thumbs up." I am a a person that TWD's. In case you are irritated taht I haven't explained the acronym, or were too lazy to open the article, it stands for "texting while driving." GASP. Yes, I am one of those assholes. I atleat try to respons at lights.... most of the time. Anyhow- those that live in Arizona know that it is slightly illegal, but not necessarily punishable unless you were caught doing something else. Kinda similar to the license plate cover law. But people in Maryland are taking it pretty seriously, and it is a misdemeanor.

I know better. I do. And there are people that I yell at on their cell phones that aren't paying attention to the road... so I am slightly hypocritical. You can ask my sisters and my mother though... I am getting better. Basically because it is harder on the Blackberry, and I can't one hand type any more. ;)

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