January 10, 2010

Tips for Cardinals Fans, From a Fellow Arizonan

Just got home from the Cardinal Packer Playoff game! WOWZA! First, I would like to say congrats to the Cardinals, it was a good game. You have a great team, but there are a few bones I have to pick with some of your fans. You know, the rude, drunk mean ones.

- Yelling in a stranger's face is rude. Especially if the stranger is carrying a baby, and you are a grown man.

- Some banter is expected when the opposing fan takes seats in a sea of your color, but calling them "ugly," "smelly," "fat," and "bitches" is a little over the top.

- Yelling at someone for cheering when their team scores is ridiculous. Are we supposed to golf clap?

- Chanting "Go Back Home" is a little silly, considering if it weren't for them, you wouldn't have sold out your game. And btw- my "home" is 30 miles from the stadium.

- Flipping off the players and the coaches from the other team when they are rallying their fans is tacky.

- The proper response to a departing fan from a team that took you to overtime is "good game." Not "you suck, go home."

- Overall- learn more about the rules of football- listen to the actual penalty being called-learn the names of the players on your team.

If you keep disrespecting people that travel to your state, boost your tourism and sales and buy tickets to your stadium, they won't come back. So, be nice to them, or learn how to sell out the stadium on your own.

Living in Arizona for over 10 years now, I know that many of these jerks are part of the recent fans that jump on the bandwagon of a winning team. I get crap every day (for just about 2 years) from people that tell me I should support my home team. Well, I have been a Packer fan for 27 years. I've seen Super Bowls, and I have seen seasons under .500. I bleed green and gold. When you have a legacy like the Packers, come talk to me.


Anonymous said...

These are the people who called Steeler fans "rednecks" last year in the run-up to the Super Bowl.

Irony, thy name is Arizona.

WannabeRunner said...

Here, here! i hate rude people. Glad you were able to hold your composure - i would have gone Elin-style on them. ;)

melissa said...

Ewww I hate those kind of fans. I got boo'd when I went to the UCLA v. Arizona game last year. Real classy people!

Are we going to get a Joel McHale post? I'm dying to know how that was and if you are bffs now!

Schoebdoo said...

Too bad AZ fans have to be that way. Wonder if they are transplants from other cities that are horrible to opposing teams fans - Pittburgh, Cleveland, Philadelphia - I'm looking at you. As a GB fan in Buffalo, I get a good deal of the same, but I'll gladly take it. Go Pack Go!

Marissa said...

-"Irony, thy name is Arizona" is perfect.

- WannabeRunner- I am quite proud of myself for remaining calm.

-melissa- hmmm. I might do a Joel post. thanks for the idea.

-Schoebdoo- hardly anyone is FROM Arizona. A lot of these Cardinals fans were Raiders, Niners and Cowboys fans before that. So, if that gives any insight. ;)