August 13, 2009

MOVE, get out tha way!

I have always hated bicyclists. Well, not ALWAYS. My 8th grade math teacher was one, and any time we wanted to get out of a lesson, someone was nominated to ask her a question about it, and then we didn't have to do math that day. It was great. But somewhere along the time that I really started driving, I began to despise them. Not because they are involved in physical acticity, but because they think that they deserve teh same space on the road that a car does. That's just bullshit as far as I see it.
Where is this random rant coming from, you ask? This douchebag biking up Washington this morning while other people (LANES of them) were trying to drive to work.
Note- it is raining in Phx today

Please notice on your right: a cross walk, and a sidewalk. Apparently neither of these are good enough for this asshole. What happened when the light turned green, you ask? He cut me off, and started biking ahead of me at 13 mph. IN THE RIGHT HAND LANE! Hey- Lance Armstrong- this street isn't closed for a race. People are trying to get to work. Move the hell out of the way. Maybe try a bike path, or one of the many mountain paths, or shit- maybe just a side street. Regardless (side note: in case you didn't know, irregardless is not an actual word), you are not a vehicle and it just messes shit up when you pretend to be one.


Molly O'Brien said...

Irregardless of your beliefs....irregardless is not a word :)

Best comment by you EVER. These people piss me off and one of these days my car is just going to accidentally throw them into a wall.

Also, it's raining for Pete's sake, why is he biking?!

Melissa said...

I can not agree with this more. I HATE when bikers dont use the sidewalk. One of these days i'm going to run over one and i will NOT feel bad about it.

melissa said...

I had a biker do this to me once. And when I say a biker, I should clarify that it was a dude on a bike, not a hardcore biker like this. My guy wasn't smart enough to put on a helmet before he went and played in traffic.

So I honked at him (only after he started swerving all over) and then he flipped me off, started yelling at me and called me a "prissy bitch".

All I can say is no matter who has the right of a fight the bike will always lose.

-Melissa #2