July 26, 2009

A Diet Pointer for Everyone

So, I have been dieting the past month. I won't get into the details, because everyone has a different idea of what is best. I know what works for me (down 13 lbsish- forgot to weigh myself at the beginning) so whatev. I have some pretty strict guidelines; that is usually what works best for me. No grey area, no room to cheat. I will be gradually getting back to real healthy stuff- but my idea is you've gotta do something to jump start the loss. Anyway..... I have been following to a T. Makes life a little depressing sometimes, but the joy of slipping on skinnier jeans makes it all worthwhile. One thing that helps me get through is the Food Network. Some may say "what! why torture yourself?" Because I can't smell it. I just get to see it. On Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives this morning, I saw some pretty amazing stuff. I had also just eaten breakfast, so I was full. That helped. The boyf, in an effort to be supportive, asked if I really wanted to be watching something like this right now. I told him it was kinda like porn. You know, it really isn't cheating, but it gives you a great feeling.

I am glad he is supportive, because it is LOVE weight anyhow. You know, that comfy weight you get when you can eat whatever, and aren't so careful about exercising because you don't have to slip into skinny jeans and heels on a Saturday night on the prowl. It really is nice, but then you look at yourself and think... wait a minute... people are prolly looking at us wondering "was she fat BEFORE they got together, or has she gotten fat since? She must have a really great personality!" Oh c'mon. You know YOU have wondered about people. I won't lie, I have. Anyway, the combo of that and having my littlest sister look like ME, and me look like the SWOLLEN me in all the family photos lately got me into gear.

I won't be updating weekly on the diet, it isn't what the blog is about (wait, does the blog really even have a central theme?). Just wanted to let everyone know that if you are looking to eat something you aren't supposed to, maybe just watch Food Network instead. It isn't cheating. :)


THerrick said...

it took me awhile to figure out why the TV at the gym was always on FoodTV....then I watched Rachel, Paula and Bobby Flay and I -totally- got it. Bless Food porn.

Marissa said...

Paula is the BEST! just put a little buttah on it.. a little mohr buttah.