March 18, 2009

I Need Ritalin

I have been so bogged down with meetings over the last few days, that I am effectively brain dead. Ooooh. Bad choice of words. Sorry Liam. :( Too soon... too soon.

So, in an effort to make me clear my head of randomness so that I can be productive, here are some thoughts, Larry King style.

- Simon Cowell is amazing. I think it is funny that the audience boos him when he is critical, but pisses themselves with excitement when he gives a compliment. I wish I had that power.

- Since my boyfriend and I live on opposite sides of town, we try to alternate homes each weekend. When people invite me to something on my side of town when it is his weekend, I am irritated.

- I hate the new facebook. I don't care if people post an "Easter Egg" on someone else's page. Now I can't delete it from my feed without deleting everything that person posts. Horse shit.

- I don't want to get fat feet and a fat(ter) ass when I am pregnant. Why are our bodies punished for bringing life into the universe?

- Why is no one talking about how that doctor shouldn't have put all those eggs in the octomom's basket? When did we forget that was insanity?

- I am usually more excited about March Madness. I think I still just miss Lute. But I think it is cool that we have a President that puts a bracket together, even if he has Arizona losing to Utah . Thank God he didn't put Duke to go all the way; I may have called my vote back.

- Why can't people just let Barack do his job? What ever happened to working together to figure things out? It was hilarious to me that people were afraid of him changing our political system so much, when he can barely get congress's approval for a bathroom break. People really need to educate themselves a little more, and stop listening to the talking heads who just say dumb shit for ratings. Whatever happened to the news?

- I volunteered to make dinner tonight. I still don't know what I am gonna make. It might be a game time decision at Fresh and Easy. That place is awesome.

- So, there is a guy that actually teaches a class on how to "look" busy at work. Can people not figure this out on their own?!?! It's called blogging. Get with the program. (I saw this on the news the other day- wish I had a link for you)

- I have to do something productive now... one last burst of energy at the end of the day.


steph said...

oh, you're funny. i think that we all posses an inner-simon cowell. it is true that i have yet to unleash mine, but i'm hoping to one day. when it happens, hopefully the power won't go to my head... then my legions of fans won't love me anymore.

i love how you call your bf 'the boyf.' i wish that i had a bf just so i could call him that! hahaha.

Marissa said...

haha. but you get to say "the hubs." that is equally as cool.

steph said...

no way. i'm starting to think calling him the "husb" might be cooler than the "hubbs."

melissa said...

Can I just say that I love your list and agree with everything on it!

and Obama....ya, I was within 500 feet of him today...didn't get to see him but I tried! That counts.