March 3, 2009


So, this is my second post about food. I really like food, and my hips can prove it. Today, since my roomie was taking a new yoga class, I was on my own for dinner. I was starving, and then I remembered that I had a coupon bag for a FREE burrito!! Thank you Sunday paper! Here is a little insight to my burrito order:

-I order the chicken fajita burrito. It comes with chicken, rice and fajita veggies. When they ask me if I want beans, I get irritated. It doesn't come with beans, thank you.
-Sometimes I get "just a little" rice. Usually when I feel chubby.
-I get the hot salsa. It is a red sauce that is better than the Qdoba sauce, because it is actually spicy.
-I get sour cream and "lots of rice." I am not afraid to ask for more cheese. Because cheese is awesome.
-Before I eat it, I roll it. As in... I take it while it is sill in the tin foil, and roll it like my hands are a rolling pin. Sometimes I roll it like rolling a bread stick in my hand. The point is to evenly distribute the salsa and the sour cream. I taught my sister this, and she taught her friends. It is now a phenomenon.
- After the roll, I take a bite and look at the distribution. Sometimes I have to shift the fold of the burrito, so that the bite is lined up in a more balanced way.
- I like to have my final bite contain a chunk of cheese. That way, my mouth is not as hot.

There was a couple in front of me today that had never been to Chipotle. They got the regular chicken burrito, with the mild and the corn salsa. They seemed upset that guacamole would be extra. Where do you ever go that guacamole is included? Anyhow- I wonder if they will be back. They came in with their free burrito bag too, so I guess it is fair to say that the Chipotle marketing team deserves a raise.

Random side note- I love Simon Cowell tonight.

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melissa said...

I hope you aren't dissing the corn salsa. I like the corn salsa!