March 1, 2009


So. Sorry for the delay. I was over at the boyfriend's this weekend, and his internet was not working. Boo. Right before I was about to dump him, the cox guy showed up and fixed it. Joking. I wouldn't dump someone over lack of internet.... would I? ;)

Today, my sisters and I had an outing with some friends to the Renaissance Festival. Something we make sure to hit once a year, but each year I get less excited. This year, we had a good time, but I think I have officially ended my relationship with the Tortuga Twins. They suck. Allow me to give you their basic plot: take 20 minutes to tell everyone how funny their show is. How it is crazy and not for kids. Insert quasi-gay guy jokes. Then they pick people from the audience- a girl with big boobs... and then, a couple other people who matter less because they don't have big boobs. They then use these people to tell a classic story, like Little Red Riding Hood. That story is actually only 12 sentences long, but takes 20 minutes to tell, because they need to tell a few more gay jokes and then oogle the boobies to prove they only joke about being gay. After 16 years at the AZ Ren Fest, you think they would come up with some better material. Over it. We actually left their show to see London Broil. More about them in a minute.


Here they are. I stole this from photobucket. Don't be confused- there are three, but they are twins. It is part of the schtick.

A group much cooler is the London Broil. They juggle. AND are funny. AND I have a crush on Duncan, and today we made a connection, and if I could deal with living in an RV, we would be on the way to Vegas to get married. I took some really cool video, of them juggling, and juggling chairs, and juggling and shifting and juggling and dancing with FIRE. But, because I am an idiot, and I have a new phone, I deleted them when I thought I was saving them. Crap. Oh well. Here is a picture my sister took on the school trip.


Here they are, juggling with fire. Because they are fucking rad. And Duncan would be the one in the red and blue.

London Broil was the highlight of the day, followed by the white and milk chocolate covered strawberries. :) Otherwise, it is a bunch of dirty hippies.


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