September 15, 2009

More to Love- Finale

So- I'm a little pissed about this two hour bullshit- because it means I have to switch back and forth with 90210. No, I don't DVR- I am stubborn. I won't get into it.

We go brief again.... Luke brings the girls home. Tali gets to meet dad, uncle and gma first. They have big concern because she is Jewish. As she is getting grilled, she holds her own, and when dad really starts to push it, Luke steps in. Sweet move, and I think they are really cute together.

Now the whore, Malissa hangs out with him. and schools him on pool. He should read into this that she is only just competitive, and doesn't really want HIM, she just wants to win a reality competition. She sucks. Her meeting is standard, nothing special. BUT the family buys her bullshit, and calls her the missing piece. He says "the family makes sense, but sometimes love doesn't make sense." His kisses are closed lipped now.... I think he is pulling back.

(turned it to 90 just in time to watch some serious drama with an interview with Teddy, and Annie begging for Naomi to not show her sextext)

Also- in case you missed it- Glee is awesome. Freaking awesome.

The girls get to hang out together at the house, and LUKE's MOM SHOWS UP!!!

Malissa starts to suck up immediately. And rambles... and rambles.... and Tali and mom just stare. And Malissa realizes she can't play her like that. And Tali has an actual conversation with her, and Malissa is not excited and makes a big show about fixing breakfast. And luke's mom hates malissa. this is hilarious. Tali is totally impressing mom, and speaking genuinely... and Malissa made mom roll her eyes.

(turned to 90 in time to see a break up, and a cgi punch to a glass door)

Faith (luke's mom) pulls tali aside for some chit chat time. And it is awesome.

Then there is the forced one on one time with Malissa. And she babbles. She said it is too premature to consider her as a daughter in law. Luke has a chat with Mom, and Tali passes. And she won;t even really talk about Malissa. Hahahaha.

The laides get one on one dates again. And Tali is stunning. Luke needs to iron his jacket. They are sweet. And they have a good convo about the mom... and she tells him she would move to california. oooooooh. then she brings up malissa... and then saves it a little by saying that she can only hope and trust that they are strong enough to make it. OH MY GOD. She says I love you!!!!! And he says I LOVE YOU TOO!!!! And then they make out!!!!!!!!!! They are giddy. :D They totally just made me "awwwwww."

Now it's the whore's turn. She tells him at dinner that she is really nervous. and silence... and then he says to tell him what's in her heart... and she says she is scared because she doesn't want to know she is wrong about how she is feeling. I don;t think he believes her when she says she wants to be like his grandparents and be marries 52 years. But he gives her a little peck, to make it seem like he actually has a decision to make. She says " i do love you." and he says "i l love you too, you are very special to me." gross.

Luke is picking out an engagement ring. HE picks one out for both of them. The girls get pampered. Let's just get there.

Tali is absolutely beautiful. Oh My Lanta. Malissa is in fuchsia. Wow... we have a light up walkway over the swimming pool. Quite the set decoration... he mentions break up... and up pulls.... Malissa. Please. Please. Please. Please. She talks about unconditional love... blah blah. She matches the decorations really well. She is struggling, and has to say something. He talks about their instant attraction, and talks about how much they have in common and how right for each other they could be. She is beautiful, and she is adventurous... and he loves her.... for who she is. BUT ( GRIN) his heart belongs to somebody else!!!!!! She looks pissed. Like someone took away her doll. And she looks at the ring... and he says he didn't want to hurt her, and it is painful, but he has to let her go. all she can say is "everything felt so right. I can't believe I was so wrong." She says she just wants to go. He walks her out..... Hugs. And the whore gets in the limo. Deep sigh from Luke (don;t worry you dodged a bullet). She isn't even crying.... just listing why it was so right. Lame. HAHA "what makes her better than me?" THAT right there!!! You don;t even love him, you just want to win. Now she finally cries. And is giving the standards script. Such a faker.

He is talking about Tali, and says that he feels like they can change the world together. :) She looks like an angel..... He gives her this thing about two different worlds, and they would have obstacles... and he says that in the beginning he made a promise to love her for who she is, and he does. With all his heart. And she promised the same, and she does. And she makes him a better man... and then.... ring. knee.... she can';t breathe. he says "i want you to be my wife. will you marry me?" (dramatic pause) breathy "yes. i love you." Smoochie smoochie sweet.


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WannabeRunner said...

I can't say I am sad to see this show go. It had good intentions - but then just followed every cliche' in the book! Oh well. I'm glad he didn't pick Malissa. She sucked and doesn't know how to spell her name right. :)