May 19, 2009

Let's Dance- The Last Dance (Idol Recap)

So, I am late again. Work. It is crazy.

So- I stopped by Qdoba and picked up a burrito bowl and some queso- because I deserve it. I like Chipotle's food better, but this was on the way home, and had Queso. Which I need. I am an emotional eater. I got the chips with it, which I didn't need- but didn't have time to argue, and I am glad I did. CP and Molly- great lime flavor. Almost too good to dip.

So, across the country tonight, family and friends are gathering around televisions glued to the Idol finale. It is amazing when you find out who secretly LOVES the show. I found out today a guy that I work with on some of my programs is addicted. And this I.T. chick I know from Edward Jones. American Idol crosses barriers. Including one barrier- the gay/straight. I would not be surprised if across the country there are "We're Here, We're Queer, We're Idols!" parties were being held. Which would be amazing. AND there have got to be some "Real American Values" parties being held as well... whatever that means. I hope that I am able to have a talk with my kids in 20 years, and have them say to me "why were people so weird about all that gay/straight stuff?" You know, kinda like I asked my dad about the "black/white thing" after he told me about the race riots in Chicago when he was in High School. We shall see.... okay- down from the soap box- back to the show.

I walk in with ten minutes already passed. Here we go-


It obviously was not this dramatic an entrance before... he first did this when he was still a little "rough." Before he removed some piercings and such. He looks tanner... in a good way. rocking the trench and the fingerless gloves... Good choice, because it showcases his vocal range and sensitive side (ha ha kris). Randy gives it an A+. Kara loves the choice- blah blah- artistry. What. Anthony Hopkins is there? Paula has a great green on... but she is too tan. too many words.... Simon says it was a little over theatrical and very Phantom. And Randy makes an excellent point, and says it is very Twilight. This now sparks an Edward vs. "whatever the hell the other dudes name is" debate across the country. Here is a hint ladies- they are both FICTIONAL CHARACTERS.

Kris Allen video- crap, I guess that means I missed an Adam home video. You know, where his dad says- "I wish my son liked sports, but I guess this is ok." OMG- Kris doing "Ain't No Sunshine." Love it. This is when he started to be a favorite for me. Not only because it is an amazing song, but because few can sing it and hit the right pain. He nails it, and jazzed it up a little but not in a Dorky Gokey way. There is this end I don't really remember.... Kris's wife looks like she is going to prom. Ha. Randy needs a better fitting jacket. And the Lakers suck. Kara is really starting to get kinda Paulaish- and rambles about feelings, and blah blah. Paula talks about spirit and artistry. Simon- thanks for bringing the competition idea back- Simon says he deserves to be here, after maybe doubting it last week. Kris is looking very confident... Round one winner prediction- Kris.

And I just saw the first "american values" nod... camera in to some chick that is IN Kris's family area that is holding a baby Not his wife. Maybe his sister. We don't care about his wife and her title (she never really got recognized after Simon pretty much said "hide her") but NOW that it saves America from gay takeover, let's put it in.

Songs by Simon Fuller is the next category. Not Cowell- the other one.

Adam- Change is Gonna Come- Nice message of hope. :) He's got the gray suit that everyone loved. This songs is going to make the gay fan base rally the dialing fingers. I LOVE IT. How does he hit these notes? Crap. He does this little "squat like i gotta pee" move that is not so cute... but there is a nice strong ending. You can tel he was thinking about something different behind those vocals. Simon Fuller is a genius. Still like Cowell better. So- Is Kris gonna come out and sing "God Bless America?" Because that would be an excellent rebuttal. I am getting tired of recapping Kara. Paula says it was the best she has heard him sing ever ever ever ever ever ever ever, as she helicopters over her head. Simon Cowell says he is back in the game- as if this won't flip flop all night.


Kris- "What's Going On" I think some people might remember the Cyndi Lauper version, but the Marvin Gaye's is better. And Kris is adding his sweet little Jason Mraz kick to it. It is a song about understanding, and not hate and war and violence... interesting. Why do I read so much into song lyrics? And the Idol produces KNOW they are feeeeeeeeding into the battle- as they should. Randy likes it but says it wasn't big enough. Kara-blah blah hand pointing. Simon says is was like three friends in their bedroom strumming along to Marvin Gaye. Hahaha. Too laid back for a night like this. Kris is denied mic time. But gives us his winning smile. Thank you Ryan for pointing out the obvious symbolism. Already there, buddy. And Simon says that %1000 Adam won that round. Yes., there should be three zeros.

So now we have the "both sing the same song" song. ADDED bonus- we have a judge songwriter. Kara, in case you were wondering. She helps with some of Kelly Clarkson's stuff. This song always sucks. Adam is like "bring it the eff on. I will go higher and deeper- blah blah dreams." Randy blah blah sing the phonebook- but he hated it. Kara drops names, and is moved and proud. And he makes some lame comment about the song being beautiful. Paula can't find words. Surprise. Cowell- Hahaha. He makes a joke on the mountains and hurricanes in the song. :) He calls him original, etc. He believes that they have found a worldwide star in Adam.

Ryan calls him a class act when he says that he was excited about the challenge to sing something different- you know, instead of pulling a Gokey and saying it wasn't his thing. I am so glad that tool is gone. I wouldn't have had the energy to blog about his ridiculousness tonight.

OMG! I totally forgot that GLEE is TONIGHT! My day just got better. How do I forget that, you ask? I am a busy girl.

Kris's turn at the lame song. It sounds awful, and kinda flat. He gets an A for effort in the middle. Ugh, this song sucks. Adam makes it not seem SO awful, so by default, I give him the win on this one. Even his family isn't impressed. Kara doesn't want him to be judged on that song... vote on the season. HAHAH. Right, that is what Americans are know for, remembering the full measure of some one's worth, not just the sound bite they heard on Extra last night. So- the judges pretty much say "it's been cool knowing you dude." Man- I wish he would have put up more of a fight at the end. I feel deflated...

This is kinda the feeling after Justin and Kelly's finale. She rocked it, and he showed up and didn't mess up horribly. She had been the favorite all along, and he squeezed by with his winning smile. They all knew it was just a final step in the process, and it didn't mean anything, really.

Tomorrow= two hours, and schedule your dvr, cuz they'll go long, Ryan says. Shouldn't they be looking at their script tonight and finding a place to cut a few minutes? I am sure we can remove a few "coming up, right after the break" bits. Gimmie the script- I'll take care of it.

I love these montages, where we are reminded of all those hot messes that graced the stage. We've really come a long way, baby.

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Casedilla said...

Thank you, thank you , thank you for the recap! My stupid DVR did NOT record Idol, I am so pissed. Sounds like it was pretty painful though. I guess I didn't miss much.