March 11, 2010

Idol Recap- Cutting to the Top 12

I am moderately excited to find out who the top 12 are tonight. Basically, because I don't have a lot going on right now.

These group sings are so painful. They go against everything the judges ask for, and are totally karaoke. But, America, you bastards buy concert tickets to see these songs performed live. So you are only encouraging this. You should be ashamed.

There are some TERRIBLE outfits going on right now. The choreography is so 5th grade talent show. I can't believe someone gets paid for this. The dancing was better when they had that blind guy that they had to assign someone to so he didn't fall off the stage. Is her performing tonight, btw? I thought I may have heard that. But, to be honest, I forget most of their names this far after their original season.

So- the rest of the show I watched whilst gossiping on the phone. Lots of crying- not from me- from the losers that got booted off, and the ones that were left behind. It'll be ok, it's just reality tv. Was the witch dating mullet boy? It seemed realllllly weird that she was crying so hard.

The curly haired blonde chick and Gandolf the Grey got booted. I am a little surprised by Gandolf, to be honest- but oh well.

Mullet guy and Todrick the jerk got booted. I would not be able to watch if that twizzlestick was still around. And mullet kid---- that is what did you in. Your performance was way better that the 16YO, but your hair is stupid. America cares about that, and mullets are only used for joking, and creepy Minnesota Vikings. Was the witch dating mullet boy? It seemed realllllly weird that she was crying so hard.

I totally missed the performance from past Idol contestants... was it any good?

Smell ya later.


Angela said...

Hahahaaaa! That's exactly what I said when they cut to that girl bawling her eyes out. I was like, "oh. they're doin' it."

Ann said...

I'm a little distraught about Lilly.... Did she really get kicked off? Or are we going to learn that was a joke. Katie Stevens is in the top 12????