March 31, 2010

Idol Recap- 10 to 9

So, I missed part of the opening, because I needed to load up on allergy medicine. I LOVE spring in AZ, and I had the windows open all day. Only problem is the sinus headache that comes with it. After two Benadryl, let's see if I stay awake for the whole show. There were dragons and Simon, and it was weird.

In case you were wondering, Ruben Studdard has not been found face down in a pile of cream filled donuts, and is in fact, still recording music. This song is really weird, and it is apparently R&B, since that is the theme this week. I like that Idol pretends that they have such a diverse group of winners/top contestants that represent every genre. Who really knew this guy was even still alive? He has some cute dimples, but his suit fits really weird. Apparently because he has lost a lot of weight, and is Vegan now. That boggles my mind, the whole Vegan thing. I have a friend that does it, and she makes some really great meals. I just don't know that I could put forth that much effort.

This week's painful obligatory commercial presentation is to "Kung Fu Fighting," and there are two teams in kung fu outfits, except for Casey- who was like, "you've gotta be fucking kidding me if you think I am gonna sell out that hard." These things are so cheesy.

Now Ryan talks with the contestants to get their feedback on their performances and such, and Crystal proves that she has limited personality. She makes a joke about learning the guitar because it was easier to carry than a piano- and no one laughs. Ouch.

Ugh, the cross promotion is unbearable. The cast from Clash of the Titans has a message for the cast. And it was stupid.

Lee is the first to stand, and rambles like an idiot. But he is safe, and Casey James is on the chopping block. They keep putting the two of them together, as if to say they are competing for the "raspy voiced rocker" spot. There's only room for one.. but we will find out which one in a later episode because they are safe, and there are more slackers to cut. Ryan brings up the little boy, and tries some banter. And Simon tells him this isn't the Oprah show so STFU. Awkward banter ensues, and of COURSE Randy has to put his two cents in, all to find that the kid is safe. Siobhan and Katie stand together, and Siobhan has a shirt with a big skull on it, but her hair is really sassy. Ryan tries to ask AGAIN who Katie should listen to--- and this is so overdone. WHO FUCKING CARES!? The girl is boring and needs to go home. She is in the bottom three AGAIN. I think Simon is going to punch Ryan in the face (well deserved) and basically tells Katie the reason she is In the bottom three is because she is not listening to him. Which is true.

OMFG, Justin Beiber!!! I love that little guy so much. I wish he was performing instead of Usher. His voice sounds really weird. "honey's got some boobies like wow wow wow?" Really?!?!?! Reason # 832 I don't listen to top 40 music. What time do they film this, because Will.I.Am is supposed to be in PHX tonight performing? Maybe he has super powers. Lindsay Lohan's crazy ass is supposed to be there, according to her twitter. I don't know if she really likes the show, or just likes it because Samantha Ronson does. Yes, I know this. Remember- I am unemployed right now. I went from talking to 100-200 people a week to mainly communicating with my cat. I have spare time.

Didi is awkwardly talking with Ryan now, and she still looks pissed that he was such a weirdo last night. Poor Didi is in the bottom three. I bet if she had told a story about how the song was sung for her dead boyfriend, she would have gotten enough votes to stay.

They bring up big Mike, and pretend that he is in the bottom three, only to find out that Ryan just wanted to give him a high five. Wanna know what you get when you mess with big Mike? You get picked up and tossed in the air like a rag doll.

Crystal is safe. The next few weeks are just a formality.

Tim and Andrew are standing together and holding each other in a really weird way. Kara calls him out on being a smiley pants, and he basically says "look, I know I'm not long here on this show, so I am gonna have some fun." Andrew is safe, and Tim is in the bottom three. The other two losers walk to center stage with him and we watch and point like they are circus freaks. Katie is saved again, because --- well, I don't have an answer for that.

Now we have to hear some song from some "entrepreneur" that I have never heard of. Haha... can you tell I was only half listening to the intro? This guy comes out and is dancing.. and I thought- he moves like Diddy. I think the Benadryl is kicking in. I'm sorry Diddy, you can tell me to turn my television up and my lights down- but that requires getting up. Not gonna happen. Idol is not meant to be interactive. Diddy hugs all the judges- and I think he might have ignored Kara...

Alright- who gets kicked off......

Didi. What. The. Hell. You should have bared your soul, you tard. She is going to sing for her life... as if the judges would save her. She sings "Rhiannon," which I think she sang before. The judges are whispering, and Ellen is not involved, basically because she is a puppet. Simon is asked if she is to be saved, and the crowd chants "save her, save her!" But unlike the "Donna Martin Graduates!" chant, this does not work. I will still buy her album because I like chick rock.

Apparently her and Siobhan are best friends, because they are sobbing and holding each other. Ryan can't even talk and all we hear is bawling. Weird.

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