September 1, 2009

More to Love- Meet the Parents

Gosh, Tuesday at 8 comes fast. I have been rocking and rolling today working on Halloween/Futuristic costume party outfits/logistics, and to be honest, I really don't want to be torn away for this..... OH WAIT! My friend came up with a drinking game!!!

Her game from last week:

*Every time someone cries
*Every time someone says they "had a connection"
*Every time Luke makes out with someone
*Luke refers to liking "big"/"curvy" women
*Girls complain about dating, how the guys always thought they were fat
*Every time the camera shows them eating
*Every time one of the girls says she is "falling in love"
*Every time food is shown
Play along if you want... thank Melissa later.

Tali gets a one on one with a "race to the finish line!!" She always looks really put together. I like her. He says she's really serious, so he is taking her go kart racing to get the fun out. So, SURPRISE!! Her aunt and uncle show up. Her uncle and her seem really close... like, in a creepy way. Now there is a discussion about religion and class structures in Israel. Uncle questions whether her family would even accept him. Wow.

Back at the house. Mandy gets mail and acts like a spaz. "Here's to a CALM night." malissa says mandy is too hyperactive for Luke. Ha.

Tali and her aunt chit chat, and the bald white guy uncle tells him what it's like trying to be accepted into the family. It freaks Luke out. Because who really wants to get this serious after a week? Because that is pretty much what this is in real time.

Tali comes back, and the other girls grill Mandy while she is getting ready. Especially Malissa. Mandy tells her to STFU. Finally. She cries, and Malissa laughs. Because she is a malicious bitch. She sees Luke and is "rejoyed" with happiness. Is that a word? They get out of the car, and she is immediately greeted by her parents. So much for alone time, eh? He loves her parents. We also learn that Luke's dad is a butcher.

Back at the house, Malissa is trying to figure it out... what is a "CALM" evening. Oy... who cares? Tali gives an explanation of self control.

Back to the date. Her mom says that she is confident, but sensitive. Like, cry in the bathroom and slam doors sensitive. He asks if she is ready to settle down, and her mom says (pause) (pause) that she is ready for a serious relationship, but isn't running to the alter. Apparently she is ready, and is irritated that her parents tried to say they should get to know each other.

Anna you "strike me as a girl that likes to have fun." So they are going bowling. Ew... they are all pervy on their meet up. Her shirt is open in the back. Whuh? Apparently she is an amazing bowler, because she used to do that instead of go to the pool. The sexual tension makes me uncomfortable.

Back at the house.... Malissa "I've gotten a little taste of alone time with you, and I am rady to try some more.... " Gross.

Back to bowling. Hey, Luke- throw a little softer. Don't break the lane. She wins... and goes full girl mode when her parents show up. Her dad has a FUPA. Luke gets grilled, but totally handles it. He is ready to get married. Where are these guys? Ha. I guess she has to travel a lot for work, and they get scared that Luke can't handle that.

Oops... forgot the show was starting again... missed part of Malissa... they are tasting food and wine blindfolded, and he brings in her sisters. Her blonde sister is trashy. Gross. They look nothing alike. And they are bitchy. Apparently they have gone through a lot, and mom died when they were young. Her bitchier sister asks if he is a cheater.... I think Luke is getting offended at how they are talking to her. OH! Apparently the bitch sister has a 4 year old, and she never babysits. Holy shit. This is a train wreck. He asks what they would think if he proposed. The nice sister saves the day. They look nothing alike.

She can't wait to get home to tell the other girls that he asked the proposal question. Hahaha. Awesome. The other girls freak out.

Catty catty catty at the mixer. Alone time with Tali. She asks what she talked to her uncle about, and she rolls her eyes. She says that it won't be that big of a deal, because she has talked to her parents about it. Right. Malissa and Anna have bonded, as they think they are the final two. Anna and Luke have a serious conversation about whether her modeling career and a serious relationship can work. Mandy is totally insecure, and shows it. She HAS to ask about the proposal question. He says he was just trying to gauge what they were really thinking. Mandy appreciates the assurance. He says Mandy may be clingy or needy. OR maybe she doesn't want to think about her dude wanting to marry another chick. Malissa and Luke hang out... and of course he brings up the babysitting. She kinda dances around and tells him what he wants to hear. He is on to her... time for the rings...

Blah blah, meeting your families gives me a glimpse into the future, starting a family.. blah blah. The girls still ponder what they have been pondering the whole time. Malissa is in. Tali is in... I lay money on Anna for the last ring.... OH SNAP. Mandy!!!! Anna is not pleased. He asks to walk her out... he thinks that she isn't ready for a relationship. He tells her that it is hard to see what it would be like being together. She whines... holds back the tears. She of course says the whole experience was great... blah blah. And she breaks. Cmon. what kind of model wear pink lipstick with a red dress.

AND TRAVEL DATE to somewhere I didn't catch because they were screaming.. oh Hawaii.

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WannabeRunner said...

Totally played the drinking game again tonight - thank God cos this episode sucked!
I do enjoy that Malissa's trashy sisters name was Kat. Of course it is.