August 24, 2009

Dear Heidi Montag, You Suck. Love, America

There are plenty of people that are famous that should not be. I can't change this. BUT I can question why millions of Americans continue to feed into the system. Heidi Montag sucks. She has no talent, and has changed her features through so much plastic surgery that I know longer consider her to be an attractive human being. Her "husband" is a blatant media whore, and did I mention she has no talent? Please, someone tell me how she got this gig?

Not that the Miss Universe is such a huge gig, but seriously. Dennis Richards is a better dancer. Also, Heidi- Britney's ass looked better in those pants when she wore them in 2000. Side note: Britney actually CAN dance. Singing ability is irrelevant to this conversation, as both are studio creations. DO NOT BUY her album. DO NOT BUY a magazine cover with her on it. INCLUDING that piece of crap Playboy shoot she did. STOP FEEDING THE BEAST. LET HER VANISH FROM THIS EARTH. Just like Corey Feldman.


Scott said...

I wish she'd get held underwater till she lost all delusions of stardom.

Molly O'Brien said...

She irritates the shit out of me. Her and her butt husband. They are both attention whores who have no talent whatsoever.

I was watching The 'Burbs last night and asked, "What ever happened to Corey Feldman?" ha ha, guess we know now :)

melissa said...

Amen! She needs to GO!