June 15, 2009

Al Roker- Hard Hitting Journalist

In case you never turn it to NBC, let me fill you in on the last few weeks. They are coming to you "live" from Costa Rica (?) with "I'm a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here!" 4 nights a week. "Celebrities" like Lou Diamond Phillips and Frangela compete to stay on the island. Kinda like Big Brother meets Surreal Life meets Survivor. Heidi ans Spencer from The Hills were on again, off again with the show. After leaving the show last week- I thought I had NBC back... until their interview with Al Roker. You know Al Roker- the teddy bear, sweet and cuddly weatherman on NBC's Today Show? Apparently his evil twin interviewed "speidi" because here is what they had to say:

"To be honest, I would never be interviewed by that man again...I really would advise women especially to be careful around him, because I feel like he definitely came and attacked me, and I did not appreciate that at all," groused Heidi.

Right- Al Roker the misogynist pig. I hope he sues her for slander. (click on the link to watch him attack Heidi with verocity!)

Al's response (via twitter): "Heidi and Spencer are an interesting couple. famous for...being infamous. Bad and vacuous behavior. I think we're at minute 11 of their 15."

From your lips to God's ears, Al. :)


steph said...

al roker is just such a bully. ha!

good words, marissa!

melissa said...

I wanted to give Al a big bear hug when I watched that interview this morning. The segment leading up to the interview didn't make Speidi look too good, so I think they started the interview already mad.

As I typed that I thought...could a segment exist that DOES make them look good? Nope.

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