February 26, 2009

The King of Lies is More Like It

I was having a rough day. So, I decided to drown my sorrows and indulge in some crappy food, as I am a certified emotional eater. Looking for something quick and easy, Caryn and I headed to our local Burger King. Upon walking in... I remembered the ANGRY WHOPPER. For those of you unaware, it is a new burger there that is supposed to be so hot, that flames shoot our of your mouth. Here is the video proof:

I ordered it, with onion rings and a diet coke. Before you judge, I like the taste of diet better, and I do like to show SOME moderation. Anyhow. I sat down, practically drooling as I looked at the pepper jack cheese, jalapenos and "secret spicy sauce." Gotta tell ya - it wasn't really spicy. Like, not even Pace medium salsa spicy. Granted, I grew up in the A.B.Q., but I was disappointed. On the upside, the incredibly pleasant cashier at the home of the (not-so-spicy) Whopper gave me dipping sauce for my onion rings... ahhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaah. It tasted like the blooming onion dip, and I am sure that I will now have a block of cellulite on my upper left thigh to prove that I enjoyed it. Oh well, I am in a better mood now.

OH! So- I just found out that there is an "ANGRY GRAM" website... apparently "the perfect way to tell someone they annoy the hell out of you." Rad. Please don't send me hate mail.

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